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SunComp® thermoplastic compounds

The SunTechem Solutions s.r.o. Company is active in the production of custom-made compounds for the plastics industry. Compounds are supplied in the form of granulates under the SunComp® trade name.

We produce thermoplastics with various additives on two compound lines, which include twin-screw mixing machines. We help customers develop their new products and we are able to find the optimum solution from the aspect of value for money.

We offer

We naturally offer Just in Time deliveries and guaranteed stock volumes.

If required, we also offer re-granulation of materials supplied by the customer and custom-made production of master-batches.

Summary of SunComp® compounds

SunComp® ABS compounds based on acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene household equipment (handles, mouldings, etc.)
SunComp® HDPE compounds based on high-density polyethylene automotive industry (brackets, fuel tanks, etc.)
SunComp® PA compounds based on polyamide automotive industry (covers, cogs, pipes etc.), electrical engineering industry (connectors, terminal boards, switches, etc.)
SunComp® PBT compounds based on polybutylene-terephthalate

automotive industry (covers, insulation, etc.), household equipment (covers, handles, etc.), electrical engineering industry (connectors, sockets, switches, etc.)

SunComp® PC compounds based on polycarbonate electrical engineering industry (light bodies, etc.), automotive industry (speaker bodies, covers, etc.)
SunComp® PC+ABS compounds based on polycarbonate and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene electrical engineering industry (instrument panels, etc.), automotive industry (wheel covers, etc.)
SunComp® PMMA compounds based on polymethyl-methacrylate automotive industry (light covers, instrument panels, etc.), electrical engineering industry (light covers, displays, etc.), machine engineering industry (machine covers, etc.), household equipment (bowls, wash basins, shower stalls, etc.)
SunComp® POM compounds based on polyoxymethylene automotive industry (handles, etc.), electrical engineering industry (buttons, etc.), machine engineering industry (springs, screws, cogs, etc.), household equipment (shower heads, covers, etc.)

If you have any queries concerning processing of a type not specified, please contact us.


Supplied series

We also supply SunComp® compounds in small quantities (min. 25 kg) for your development requirements. We package as standard in PE sacks, octabins or in big-bag type packaging.

Laboratory testing and measurement

We assure laboratory testing of flow index, notched impact, tensile strength and specification of colour and mineral content deviations for SunComp® compounds.
We can also perform other tests of material properties according to your requirements.
We issue certification of all laboratory testing on request.

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Suntechem Solutions – custom-made SunComp compounds and master-batches SunCol for your plastics production

Registered office

SunTechem Solutions s.r.o.
Pod Kasárny 724
533 41 Lázně Bohdaneč

E-mail: info@suntechem.cz
Web: www.suntechem.cz

Production hall, "Sklady UMA"

SunTechem Solutions s.r.o.
Areál Synthesia, UMA section, building U-28
Semtín 105 (local identification: SemtinZone, Gate E)
Working hours: 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

E-mail: sklad-uma28@radka.eu
Web: www.suntechem.cz

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